Discover An Exciting New Drug-Free Approach For The Symptoms Associated With Diabetic Nerve Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy

Niagara Neuropathy Relief Clinic is offering a Revolutionary New Diabetic Nerve Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy Symptom Care Approach.

After becoming frustrated with the inability to resolve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy that many of his patients presented with, Dr Salanki began an intense inquiry into different techniques and therapies that could give patients the relief that they were looking for. As a result, Dr. Salanki is now able to offer the Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Treatment Program.

Dr.Salanki currently sees people diagnosed with all types of neuropathies including diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy and polyneuropathy.

Symptoms and signs of each patient are often similar, but will vary in degree. Some patients receiving care may be diagnosed with diabetes, where many others are not. Some have been diagnosed by a neurologist, while others have not. Regardless of the diagnosis, the screening offered by Dr. Salanki is key in ridding oneself of the symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning or foot pain.

Keep in mind that the symptoms can also be of the leg, hands or feet.

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